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The World’s Number One Terrorist State

I’ve come to the conclusion we live in a mad, topsy-turvy world, Orwellian in its essence – where war is peace, lies is truth, and slavery is freedom.

I didn’t always think this way. But events since 2001 have taken a decidedly nasty turn for the worse, with the emergence of the “war on terror”. What’s so disturbing of course is that this so-called war on terror is actually a war of terror – against all freedom-loving people.

And the perpetrator is none other than the world’s self-acclaimed “land of the free” – the USA.

If one defines “terror” as targeting civilians in order to achieve political ends, which is the usual and accepted definition, then the USA began terrorising the planet long before 2001. In fact, the history of US belligerence around the world is mind-blowing, once one opens one’s eyes and sees the truth of the matter.

But what’s worse, is that all this aggressive behaviour has been done in the name of “freedom”.

If you’re skeptical about this assertion, then I urge you to read the following essay by Anthony Gregory for some shocking enlightenment:

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, And The US Terror State




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